Day 3 Part 3- Banpo

We arrived in Banpo just as the rain started brewing in the skies. It was much bigger than I expected. I don’t totally know what I was thinking but there were lots of stores and the Station was very large. I loved the atmosphere before the rain, it was very quiet and almost ominous. We continued with haste to the park so we could catch a few glimpses before the downpour.





We arrived at the park and took a few minutes to walk around and explore around the bridge. However, at the first signs of a drizzle, we ran to the CNN cafe, realizing too late that we didn’t have an umbrella. After sitting on the patio under the table umbrellas for about 20 minutes, we took the opportunity that the break in the rain presented and ran back under the bridge and out of the park to a convenience store nearby and grabbed an umbrella. The nice store clerk working there gave me the umbrella for $4 instead of $10 because he appreciated me speaking Korean and he said I was a “nice foreigner” which was seriously one of the best compliments and I was so happy to have made him more comfortable. It also got the attention of two very good-looking high school boys eating cup Ramyun at one of the tables in the store. 🙂






We returned from our umbrella escapade and stood under the bridge watching night begin to fall and the beautiful purple lights of the Olympic floating islands come on. And we waited. For two hours.  We played around under the bridge and had a silly photo shoot much to the amusement of the onlookers who were also waiting for the lights. Surprisingly, most of the people around us were Korean. There was one other foreign family who we think was speaking French.By 9 o’clock we decided that the rain was making us too cold and the lights of the bridge were not coming on. With our stomachs agreeing quiet verbally, we left and went to find some random place to eat.


Apparently, on the main street of Banpo, there isn’t much in the way of ordinary restaurants. There were mostly those places people go for a second round of drinking to eat snacks or soup. We were so cold and tired and hungry, we opted for one of these empty restaurants. We figured it was pretty safe because it was only about 9 at night and too early for people to be out drinking a second round.


Look, we saw Hongbin being wonderful in the drama he was starring in! It made me very happy and I had to inwardly squeal and fangirl while my friend unknowingly ate her soup. However, my fangirling was too great so I opted to take a picture and when she asked why I was doing such a thing I played it off quite well 🙂


We had some warm soup to soothe our stomachs. After we had finished eating, we walked outside to embrace the pouring rain. The lights were so beautiful. The lights at night were always so amazing, I really miss that about Korea. Finally at about 10:30 we boarded the train back to Bomgye Station in Anyang.


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