Korea Day 4: Seoul Modern Art Museum

We started the day off by going to church! It was a little bit interesting and a lot a bit confusing because everything was in Korean (which wasn’t a problem because I was there as a guest anyway) but everyone was so so nice to me and I enjoyed meeting the people my friend and her parents used to know when they lived in Korea!

Then, her uncle being the awesome person he is, decided it was time for me to experience the deliciousness that is Tonkatsu. Let me tell you, it is wonderful in every way. I ordered the regular one and my friend ordered the cheese one and we split. Even the simple rice, cabbage, and danmuji (which I could probably live off of) was so incredible.



This picture is me and my friend on the right, her sister back left, and the youngest cousin on the front right. He was so cute and he always helped me with my Korean! He didn’t speak much English so I taught him and he taught me. He was a little shy but at the end he told his mom it wasn’t fair that I had to leave so soon and he wished I could stay because he thought I was funny (this was literally the sweetest thing πŸ™‚ ).


Then, we headed to the Seoul Modern Art Museum. Now, as a precursor, I’m not a big modern art fan. Being a big music person (I actually was about to major in music but ironically, after I got accepted to all the schools I decided to go with my gut and change to international business), I have never really understood modern art and it has always been hard for me to really appreciate. I respect it, but I would prefer to look at a painting that really makes me feel something and I can relate. Most modern art just seems random to me. But we went and enjoyed our time there anyway.

For those who haven’t been there, the museum is in Seoul Central Park (if I rememeber correctly, it was all a little disorienting) and it has a theme park, a zoo, cable cars, and other awesome things all in the same area. The view walking up was incredible, I was blown away by the beautiful mountains. And of course we had to take a picture of the man sleeping in a hammock on the hike up to the museum.



The front of the modern art museum:



This was probably my favorite exhibit. This guy had donated his entire studio to the museum and it was rebuilt right in one of the rooms! It was awesome to see how cluttered yet how organized it was, with all the art right where he had left it. If I remember correctly, this artist carved little frog figurines into most of his works and it was awesome to see some of the symbolical meaning behind what the frogs were doing and how many there were.


A picture of me and my friend posing in front of this cool tile wall:


Okay not gonna lie, I was not a fan of the cream soda. It tasted like medicine to me. So I ended up trading with my my friend’s sister Chloe for her drink which was a lot like ginger ale.


And after that we headed home and had a large family potluck with her mom’s older brother, his wife and two sons (one married who brought his wife two young boys , and one in college), her sister and husband (they were missionaries) and their newly wedded daughter with her husband. Keep in mind we were staying with her grandma, mom’s younger brother, his wife and three kids (a boy who is a year younger, a girl who is two years younger, and a boy who is five years younger), me, her, her sister, and her mom. As you can tell, it was quite a get together. Sorry you probably didn’t need to know that but for memories sake I wanted to write it all out ><.

It was a fantastic time getting to meet her large family and everyone was so nice and friendly to me. We ended up staying up until 2 am just talking and telling stories and having a good time. Later, we went on a three day trip with the whole family so it was awesome to talk to them and meet them so the trip wouldn’t be awkward. The two baby boys were so adorable, the older one was super shy and the younger baby was super happy and they were awesome to play with! The cousin in college was so excited to practice his English and he was super fun to talk to! Her aunts and grandma would feed me like I was part of the family and her uncle who is now a missionary and used to be a priest told me all kinds of fascinating stories in pretty perfect English. I had so much fun that night and eventually it began to feel like a home away from home πŸ™‚

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