Korea Day 5: Part 1 Anyang

So Day 5 was a long one and I am going to split it up again. We started off by getting up early to hit the Lotte Department store in Anyang right as it was opening at 10 am. We walked around through the massive mall, looking at all the expensive department store brands. I have to admit, I’m not a big window shopper, but it was fun to see all the American brands and then the other brands we don’t have around the US, or at least in Texas. We stopped at the food court at around 11:30 to eat some brunch. We decided to split an order of Omurice which is basically vegetable fried rice with an omelet on top and lots of ketchup. It was really good and simple, not too heavy in the morning. We got a really good view of he awesome food court again, and people watching was pretty awesome.



After walking around the mall for a little bit longer, we went out to explore downtown Anyang once again before we got on the subway to Seoul to meet a friend at 2. We stopped near a street vendor to get a couple dumplings just to try. Even though street vendors are technically illegal in Anyang, there are a bunch set up anyway and no one seems to care much. The dumplings were super good, just like most of the street food, and we were on our way. On a side note, I really loved how excited most people would get when I spoke in Korean. At the same time though, it made me feel bad thinking this was something they didn’t experience much and that most foreigners seem to just assume natives know English.



After our quick pit-stop, we roamed around Anyang in the nice 85 degree weather, exploring little boutiques and cafes. I truly enjoyed just wandering around, not going anywhere particular, and looking at everything the city had to offer. We went into all the “nooks and crannies” of the area, finding good deals, cute shoes, free wifi, and good cups of coffee. I stopped taking pictures because I was too fascinated with what was going on around me. But here are a few I managed to take from my phone (sorry for the bad quality as always, I’m working on that).




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