Grammar Points

This semester I took Korean 1101 and although I was definitely surprised by how much I already knew, I learned so many grammar points so quickly. I am really happy with the class and how much it helped me learn in such a short amount of time. If the option is presented to you in your language learning, I would suggest taking a class for that language. However, I would do lots of research on how the class is set up and run, because not all classes will be as beneficial. In this class, we spoke 80% in Korean, got a grade every day, and used a joint textbook and workbook with assignments in writing, reading, listening, and speaking every day.

Because the grammar points were so helpful, I have decided to quickly review each of them in a series of posts.

Point 1:

은/는 literally means “as for” and is normally used after the subject of the sentence.

Ex: “I am Mark (My name is Mark)” translates to “저는 마크예요”. This would literally translate to “As for me, my name is Mark” and shows that the speaker is now talking about himself. This ending can also be used on the subject to show that the speaker is now changing the topic.

*When the sentence contains more than one topic, the particle is attached to the last one.

*The particle can be omitted in repetitive use.

Point 2:

이다 is the verb form “to be (equation)”. It is placed after N2 in the simple sentence structure. If the word ends in a consonant, the ending is 이에요. If the word ends in a vowel, the ending is 예요.

Point 3:

도 means also when put at the end of N1 in the simple sentence structure. This contrasts the 은/는 particles because it shows a parallel rather than a difference.

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