Day 3 Part 2- Insadong and Banpo

After we left Myeongdong we decided to head on to Insadong.

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Korean BBQ

day 3

Day 3

We went to have Korean BBQ for dinner

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Day 3 [PART 1]- Myeongdong, Seoul

We started off the day meeting my friend’s old friend from when she lived in Korea! She was super nice and showed us around Myeongdong. It is quite an amazing place and there is nothing that I have ever seen like it in America. First we decided to eat some Naengmyun. Since I’m not the biggest fan of the cold noodle dish, my friend suggested I try the bibim naengmyun. Poor decision. That is the single spiciest dish I have ever tried and by the end my mouth was physically hurting. The pork was good, though!

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Day 2: Exploring Anyang

In the morning, we got up and went to a cute cafe. The ahjumma working there gave us free ice cream! She was so nice to me and very patient while I tried to overcome my nerves and order entirely in Korean. The coffee there was very good.

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Day 1: Anyang, South Korea

The first day after we arrived, we decided to take it easy and explore the “smaller” city we were staying in, Anyang. It is a city that is about 10 minutes by subway and 20 minutes by car outside of Seoul. There was a ton to do and see and I loved the atmosphere. There was a downtown area with lots of food, cafes, shopping stores, and noraebangs. There were also many parks and outdoor exercise areas.

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Off To Korea!!

Hi everyone!

It’s been a little bit since I last posted. I turned my project (aka this blog) in and got a 98! 😀

Anyway, I am making this post to say that in 20 hours I will be on a plane leaving for Seoul, South Korea! I will be gone for 2 weeks with my best friend. We are staying at her uncle’s house in Korea and we have a lot to do! I will definitely be posting a lot of pictures and things so never fear!

I also wanted to reflect a little on how blessed I am. I turned 18 years old on April 28th and since then I have graduated high school, been a paid extra in a movie, and now I am going to South Korea! I also just got offered a chance at an internship for an international company which is really awesome because international business and global studies is my major at Ohio State! These have been a wonderful few months and I am really excited for this next adventure!

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So one of the requirements for my project is to do an interview:

I interviewed Ms. Ju Won Lee who was born in Korea and raised in America. She is fluent in Korean and the rest of her non-immediate family lives in Korea so she still has strong ties back to her native culture.

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